Welcome to the website of a new group based at the University of Oxford, The Early Modern Catholicism Network. We hope to provide a hub to encourage, enhance, and promote research touching on early modern Catholicism from across the academic disciplines. Within Oxford, we aim to facilitate links between scholars based within different faculties and to provide practical support for collaborative projects. We also welcome visiting speakers and are looking to develop strong collaborative links with research groups internationally.

This term we have an exciting line-up of speakers for a new interdisciplinary seminar to be held on Tuesdays of weeks 5-8 at the new Radcliffe Humanities Building. Please have a look on the EMC seminar page here to find out more.

We will also be hosting our inaugural one-day workshop in the next few weeks. The theme for this is MARTYRDOM AND MARTYROLOGIES. We’ll be taking a comparative approach and looking at the importance of martyrdom within different Christian confessions, not just Catholicism. The workshop will be held at the Radcliffe Humanities Building on Saturday 2nd March. Please visit the workshop page to find out more.