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Hilary 2015: interdisciplinary seminar



Thursdays 12.30–2pm – TORCH – Radcliffe Humanities Building

ALL WELCOME! Tea and coffee will be provided and feel free to bring along lunch

29 Jan Silvia Mostaccio


‘Jesuits and Obedience: A Crossroads in Early Modern Cultural History’ Colin Matthew Room
12 Feb Nikolas Funke


‘Living in ‘the Devil’s Other Hell’:

A Catholic Minority in Germany c.1600’

3rd floor Seminar Room
26 Feb Joana Serrado


‘The Discoveries of Portuguese

Female Mystics, 1500-1755’

3rd floor Seminar Room
5 Mar Gregory Hanlon


‘Baptismal Requirements and Routine Infanticide in Western Europe, 1500-1800’ Colin Matthew Room

Conveners: Clare Copeland, Nicholas Davidson, Tom Hamilton, Katie McKeogh, Emma Turnbull

Joint meeting with the Early Modern World seminar – 12 November

*Week 5 (Wednesday 12 November) – SPECIAL EVENT – joint meeting with the Early Modern World seminar hosting a group from the Domestic Devotions project, Univ. Cambridge. 

Domestic Devotions: The Place of Piety in the Renaissance Italian Home (Abigail Brundin, Irene Galandra Cooper, Maya Corry, Marco Faini, Deborah Howard, Mary Laven, Alessia Meneghin, Zuzanna Sarnecka, Katie Tycz)

This seminar will be held in the Christopher Cox Room at New College, 11.15 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Seminar – Michaelmas Term 2014 – Sanctity

– – – – – MICHAELMAS TERM 2014 – – – –

The Early Modern Catholicism Network Early Career Lunches


Mondays 12.30-1.30pm, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Third Floor Common Room. An interdisciplinary lunchtime discussion group meeting to consider new approaches to sanctity in the early modern world, particularly intended for graduate students and early career researchers, but all are warmly invited to attend. Starred texts will form the starting point for discussion. Free sandwich lunch provided. Contact to confirm participation.

Week 2 (20 October): Approaches to Sanctity

* Clare Copeland, ‘Sanctity’ in Alexandra Bamji, Geert H. Janssen, and Mary Laven eds., The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation (Farnham, 2013), pp. 225-241.

Simon Ditchfield, ‘Thinking with Saints: Sanctity and Society in the Early Modern World’, Critical Enquiry, 35 (2009), pp. 552-584.

Week 4 (3 November): The Material Culture of Sanctity

* Katrina Olds, ‘The Ambiguities of the Holy: Authenticating Relics in Seventeenth-Century Spain’, Renaissance Quarterly, 65 (2012), pp. 135-184.

Tracy Elizabeth Cooper and Marcia B. Hall eds., The Sensuous in the Counter-Reformation Church (Cambridge, 2013).

Week 6 (17 November): Sacred Kingship

* Azfar Moin, The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam (1400- 1700)(New York, 2012). Available online via SOLO.

Alan Strathern, ‘Drawing the Veil of Sovereignty: Early Modern Islamic Empires and Understanding Sacred Kingship’, History and Theory, 53 (2014), pp. 79-93.

Week 8 (1 December): The Politics of Sanctity

* Peter Lake and Michael Questier, The Trials of Margaret Clitherow: Persecution, Martyrdom, and the Politics of Sanctity in Early Modern England (London, 2011), especially chapter 3.

Gillian Ahlgren, Teresa of Avila and the Politics of Sanctity (Ithaca, 1996).

Conveners: Nicholas Davidson, Tom Hamilton, Katie McKeogh, Emma Turnbull

Workshop: Early Modern Catholic Life-Writing, 31 May 2014

Early Modern Catholic Life-Writing

31 May 2014, 10am – 4pm – Seminar Room, third floor – Radcliffe Humanities Building



Registration is free but spaces are limited. Contact


10.00 Welcome and introduction, Dr. Nicholas Davidson (St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford) and Emma Turnbull (Balliol College, University of Oxford)

Chair: Dr. John-Paul Ghobrial (Balliol College, University of Oxford)

10.10 Robin MacDonald (University of York), ‘”I wrote to you from the sea”: landscapes, ‘travelling narratives’, and seventeenth century missionaries to New France’

10.45 Liesbeth Corens (Jesus College, University of Cambridge), ‘Collecting as mission: English Catholic record collectors bridging the channel’

11.20 Tea and coffee

Chair: Katie McKeogh (Linacre College, University of Oxford)

11.40 Arthur Downing (All Souls College, University of Oxford), ‘Social network analysis: a tool for early modern historians’

12.15 Lunch

Chair: Emma Turnbull (Balliol College, University of Oxford)

1.15 Katie McKeogh (Linacre College, University of Oxford), ‘Flowers of Fathers: contemporary and historical Catholic lives in an English Catholic commonplace book’

1.50 Johannes Depnering (Oriel College, University of Oxford), ‘Writing about “mystical experiences” in a diary-like manuscript: the late-medieval Dominican nun Elsbeth von Oye’

2.25 Tea and coffee

Chair: Tom Hamilton (New College, University of Oxford)

2.45 Marion de Lencquesaing (University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘How to begin the life of a saint after the Counter-Reformation? The portrait of the most Catholic Bénigne Frémyot in the first Lives of Jeanne de Chantal’

3.20 Closing discussion, Dr. Victoria Van Hyning (Zooniverse, University of Oxford)

4.00 Drinks reception


Organised by: Emma Turnbull, Tom Hamilton, Katie McKeogh and Nicholas Davidson