Early Modern Catholicism Network
~ Interdisciplinary Seminar ~


Seminar Room – Third Floor – Radcliffe Humanities Building – Mondays 1-2.30pm
Tea and coffee provided, feel free to bring lunch

Monday 5 May
Victoria van Hyning (Sheffield), ‘Convent Autobiography by English Nuns in Exile: Beyond Confessor-Mandated Vitae

Monday 19 May
   NB. Venue Change: Colin Matthew Room – Ground Floor – Radcliffe Humanities Building
Irène Plasman-Labrune (Paris), ‘Between Church and State? Foreign Churchmen and the Transformations of Catholicism in France, 1500-1700’

Monday 26 May
Oliver Ford (Oxford), ‘Coping with Decline: The Governors of Seville, 1647-1700’

Monday 2 June
Tara Alberts (York), ‘Miracles and Missionary Medicine in Early Modern Southeast Asia’

Monday 16 June
Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge), ‘The Pope’s Merchandise and the Jesuits’ Trumpery: Catholic Relics and Protestant Polemic in Early Modern England’

ONE-DAY WORKSHOP, Saturday 31 May: Early Modern Catholic Life-Writing
Entrance is free but spaces are limited. To register, contact: emma.turnbull@balliol.ox.ac.uk

~ The Early Modern Catholicism Network aims to bring together scholars interested in early modern Catholicism from across the humanities. All are welcome.
Convenors: Nicholas Davidson, Tom Hamilton, Katie McKeogh, Emma Turnbull ~

https://emcoxford.wordpress.com/   http://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/emc


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